Steven Gerrard is not happy, Villa plays far from the standard.

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Steven Gerrard admits some changes are needed as Aston Villa are nothing close to the desired standards. In Sunday’s 1-0 defeat against Newcastle United,

Villa had only shot on target once. And the overall performance of the game is disappointing, causing great dissatisfaction with Gerrard.

“It’s a bad one for us. I was surprised by the performance of the team. It doesn’t signal the preparation of the team at all.” the ufabet report

“We have to improve overall . We deserve nothing from this game. It is clear that some changes are needed in the team.”

“There are areas in the team where the evidence is clearly worrying. We only shot one goal on target, the set-piece and our handling was very bad

. But I’m not complaining about the results. It might have been different if Watkins’ goal become a door”

“But we got into the game too late. You couldn’t do it after 45 minutes. Not much to be proud of. Maybe there are just a few people that are close to acceptable levels.”

“Newcastle didn’t have to play well to beat us. But I have no complaints about the result.

“Every point has a lot of work to do. The players know we weren’t playing close to the standard today.”