Murphy sees Leesandro as a better captain than Bruno.

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Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy believes Leesandro Martinez would be a better fit to captain Manchester United than Bruno Fernandes.

Erik ten Hag has announced the sacking of Harry Maguire and appointed the Portugal international as the captain. But in the past, he has often been criticized for his behavior that always complains about the decisions of the black shirt. With Murphy suggesting that he would have handed the job over to Leesandro.

“I think he (Bruno) ticks some boxes for captaincy. But that wasn’t enough for me.” Murphy told talkSPORT. UFABET 

“I think Young set a bad example because he moaned about the cruel world and writhed when the judgment was inconsistent. I don’t think his defensive contributions will be good either. He’s more interested in the offensive game. But he’s a great player. Has power and stamina.”

“Who else would take this role at United? The obvious one is Martinez, it doesn’t matter. (He’s only been with the team for one year.) He looks like a real leader. If I had an option at the start of the season as Manchester United manager, I would have given it to Martinez.

Speaking of style of play, Martinez is a defender whose passing skills are quite accurate, suited for a football that focuses a lot on the game from the defence.

And despite playing for the league’s top teams that regularly bombard opponents with overwhelming scores. But he was always involved in the defensive game of the team. Ranked in the top 10 in the league for both tackles and interceptions per game.