Lineker saw his own shadow in Haaland.

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Former England striker Gary Lineker believes Erling Braut Haaland. The killer of Manchester City has many dimensions of play similar to him in his heyday football. Especially being in the right place at the right time.

Haaland created a phenomenon that shook up football in his first year as City. Scoring 52 goals in all competitions, 9 assists in 53 games to sweep the historic Treble. As only the second team in the British Isles to do so. 

Executioner spirit that can kill every move and has a quick nose to find positions are qualities. That the owner of the nickname ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ said that the two of them share the same point UFABET

“I never said I was a fucking footballer. But I know how to score goals.” Lineker told the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) celebrating its 50th anniversary. 

“Just keep doing it. The science of scoring goals for me is similar to the mathematics of people. 

“The whole thing is that you have to go to the offensive game area. and find a position to attack. That’s what I’m seeing from Haaland today, it’s pretty much the same thing.” 

“Even if the ball is open to be squeezed hard Because we practiced running to find the position that we got it.”  

Up to now, the ‘ PFA 2023’ award has not been announced. But believes that it will not fall off the Norwegian shooting star and prepare to kick the Community Shield to meet Arsenal (6 August)