JK clarified that he didn’t send the real ‘Mane’ but ‘Jota’ was a little injured

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Jurgen Klopp admitted he was not planning on starting Sadio Mane in the win over Burnley, but with Diogo Jota suffering a minor injury

, Mane has just returned to training. With Liverpool on Friday after returning from Senegal’s Africa Cup of Nations triumph and was expected to be a substitute

, Mane has been included in the starting line-up despite Jota and Louie. Diaz is on the bench. So it’s a surprise.

The German coach explained that the reason Mane was sent into the starting XI was because Jota suffered a minor injury and missed Saturday’s training session:

“Sadio played very well,” Klopp said. with reporters ufabet

“I wasn’t expecting him to start today. Because you know how heavy everything is, but because Diogo had an injury, yesterday couldn’t train. That’s why we let Sadio start.”

Klopp also clarified why Diaz is not considering starting again. By stating that it’s because facing Burnley is harder than the general game and he still needs time to adjust.

“For Louis, he’s adapted very well. But this is a completely different game, a game like that. ‘Welcome to the Premier League'”

“We don’t want to try it if we don’t have to. That’s why we started as we saw Sadio doing really well, putting in really hard work and that’s what we expected.”