‘Howe’ is satisfied with the progress of ‘Newcastle’ for several weeks

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Eddie Howe is pleased with the progress Newcastle United showed after their win over Aston Villa and admits that weeks ago they would not have been able to win the match

. Well, after adding a bunch of new players to the squad in January, Kieran Trippier, one of the new players, took the free-kick to lead the team.

The chances in the game were quite open, with Aston Villa passing the ball into the goal, but offside. In the end, “Salikadong” helped each other to win

the victory. past “We’re having some good moments but we’re very calm and very satisfied,” Howe said.

“We didn’t give Villa too many chances to finish. It’s a very close game and if it was weeks ago we probably wouldn’t have won. And the road is still very long.” The ufabet report

“There are still areas that we can improve on. We defensively excelled in many occasions but I feel like we could have done a lot better. We know we are in the early stages but we are pleased with the progress we have had.

While Eddie Howe’s side can perhaps start to consider life in the Premier League next season, their bid for survival is more complicated after injuries to both goalscorer Trippier and Javi Manquillo, with the former forced to go to hospital for an x-ray.

Thanks to them, it’s not enough