How to play Yi Ki lottery today

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The advantages of the Yi Ki lottery

Yi Ki Lottery originated from China. Also known as the Yi Ki lottery, there is a way to play that is not difficult, not complicated, easy to play. Some players use a formula to calculate all players and their habit of shooting numbers. Keep player’s playing statistics for accurate betting.

Opening of the Yi Ki Lottery

Is open for play, but each round is 15 minutes apart, a total of 88 rounds per day
. The first round starts at 6 am and the last round is at 3.45 am. Players will shoot numbers for free. We will not limit the number of times.

Yi Ki Lottery, how to play live today?

It is a very frequent prize draw. Starting from 6.00 o’clock until 4.00 o’clock. In the morning of the new day

. and answer the question of the gambler group All lottery fans are doing well. Because it is a lottery with 88 prize draws per day. When compared to other types. Of lottery It is considered. That the award is issued very often. If you are someone who likes to play the lottery as a life and what it is. 

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