‘Conte’ says second-half form was one of his best games

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The ufabet report Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has hailed the second half as one of his best. Not interested in the commitment of the team members. But accepting the form at the beginning of the game is very bad If not improved, it will be difficult for the team to reach the intended destination. after the Spurs game Defeated Karl against Wolves 2-0

“Today was very difficult. In the end that’s probably one of the best games we’ve played. We created a lot of chances, had good possession, but of course it was difficult to describe how we played early in the game. I think both goals conceded are difficult to comment on,” Conte said after the game

. I said that this is part of the team improvement plan. But we know it won’t be easy if you start the game by playing it that way. Because when we are 2-0 down, it’s not easy to come back

. I have nothing to say about the commitment of the team. Because in the end we pushed hard. try to score a goal”

“We can create opportunities. But at the end we are talking about defeat again. we have to keep working We know it’s not easy

. After three weeks of work I became very clear about my point of view and that we have to keep working.”

“There is a lot of work to be done. But it’s not easy because of the environment in which we used to play the Champions League, Europa League, but today everyone may have to realize that. Something has changed and you have to work to rebuild it and we know

that. but from the environment We have to understand what our position is now.”