“Conte” hijacked “Spurs” in the last 9 games, playing like the final

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Antonio Conte admits Arsenal Take advantage of the top four But Tottenham are ready to fight until the last game.

Spurs, whose run has been uneven in 2022, recently beaten West Ham to secure their Premier League title. The league continued for the first time. Since the beginning of December Ready to overtake Manchester United are in fifth place,

they are currently three points behind Arsenal, but the Gunners have played 28 matches, while the “Golden Spikes” have played 29 games

. Top four with rival team that “The only way to put pressure on Arsenal is to get the three points.

“There are still nine matches left and for us every game we have to play like a final.

“I like to fight to compete with other teams. for a chance to fight You know that only one team can win. But I think my past has given me such an opportunity. the ufabet report

“In five months we have done an amazing job with these players. And now I think we’ve narrowed the gap with a lot of England teams.

“For one example, two months ago we played three games against Chelsea and we lost all three, and that is correct in all three because Chelsea showed that they are better than all of us. side

“Now after two months I would like to have the opportunity to see where our level is now. Which I am sure that our level has improved a lot. I’m sure Chelsea will have to fight a lot more to beat us.”