What is PokDeng Online Real Money?

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Pokdeng online Play online cards for real money (Pok Deng Online) is an online card game. A type of card called bounce that is played online. And gamble with real money and get money. real from playing” All of this is the source. Of the online PokDeng game for real money.

Basic principles of playing poker bounce online for real money

Playing card games for real money online. This is the basic principle of playing. Will play as a band The playing circle consists of the dealer and the hand. Each play uses no more than 2-3 cards per person in each round. The dealer will deal 2 cards to everyone. Including himself first, and if the points are too low, they will be able to draw a 3rd card. Whoever has the most points will win.

How to play poker online How to play correctly and make money

For how to play online card games online poker  We have compiled a short summary that is easy to understand in how to play Pok Deng here as follows:

  • Player’s side in a bounce card game that chooses to use a deck of 52 cards according to the standard 1 order, divided the players into 2 sides, namely the banker and the player with 2 or more, up to a maximum of 10 
  • The cards are dealt 2 cards each so that everyone can count the total points in the first 2 cards. If the total score is 0 – 4, it is necessary to draw 1 more card and have the right to draw 1 additional card per person only. Anyone who has a total of 5 – 9 points doesn’t need to draw more cards, but if you get a 8-9, it’s a Pok 8, Pok 9.
  • Points are counted according to the number of the cards they have, namely 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and part 10, part KQJ is worth 10 and part A is worth 1 point. 
  • As for the payout ratio, it depends on the winnings. Most of them start with payouts of 1x and up to 5x your bet. 
  • Each hander places bets as he wants. The dealer can hold his bets. is to set the maximum bet that the dealer can accept. ทางเข้า ufabet