How to Play, Techniques of Playing Sic Bo Online casino

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Sic Bo is a type of gambling, the word hi comes from high points. While the word lo comes from low points. Which has a method of playing by shaking 3 dice. Then you just predict that the points will be out. How much has it been? How to bet will have a variety of different forms. Depending on the site, Sic Bo originated from China and started playing with a group of workers who made bricks. and engraved numbers, similar to dice, bricks will be thrown on the ground and guessed the number drawn What number will it be? If you guess correctly, you will be rewarded until it is widely spread to other countries in East Asia Including Thailand as well. Hi-Lo games are famous. And has been very popular among online gamblers today, so we collect methods of playing and techniques for betting on Sic Bo to win every eye.

How to play Sic Bo online

Playing Sic Bo will consist of a shaking device and 3 dice in a container. By playing Sic Bo online, it will use the method of shaking from the shaking device. And packed in a transparent container No problem with changing dice. When opening the glass itself By playing that will let friends place bets before the shaking starts.

The low score is 3-10 points, the high score is 11-18 points,
where friends can place high-low as usual, a 50% chance of winning. Paying 1 time of the bet amount. In the case of placing points, such as bet 1 2 3 4 5 6 according to the face.

The payout rate is 1 dice that are correctly guessed = 3 times the money placed, for example, bet 3 and then dice face 3 points 3. The child receives 9 times the amount of the bet itself here with สมัคร ufabet.